Writers of the Future Vol. 36


Writers of the Future Vol. 36 is a sci-fi/fantasy anthology containing stories by L. Ron Hubbard, Katherine Kurtz, Jody Lynn Nye, Nnedi Okorafor, and the twelve winners of 2019, including my story “Molting Season,” a story inspired by my time spent working as a desk clerk at a hotel in my hometown. Originally, this was a novel-length trunk story, but I dug it out years later, excavated one gem of a chapter from the mess and redeveloped it a good bit. All said and done, it is a personal record for longest amount of time a piece of fiction has sat in incubation before publication.

Story synopsis: An alien invasion leads to a suicide epidemic on Earth, and years later one of the survivors, a hotel clerk, struggles to make sense of the events and reconnect with the world.

Below is the art painted by Daniel Bitton for my story. He really nailed the dark mood.

Molting Season Color Edit Final_CROP

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